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There has been a rapid depletion in the Fossil Fuels in the recent past which has led the increase in the cost of fuels and also an alarming situation which calls for the need to employ AlternativeFuels as replacement for the existing , to generate energy. The remaining Fossil Fuel resources globally as on 2005 is shown beside. We at FirstESCO have spent enough of time researching about cheaper fuel replacement systems for various industries including Glass , Steel , Ferro , Cement , Power Industries. Right now we are promoting our new technological advancements which mainly include Waste Heat Recovery WHR and usage of PetCoke as an alternative fuel.


Steel industry is energy intensive, requiring large amount of electrical energy as well as heat energy through use of fossil fuels.

FirstESCO supplies technology for recovering heat lost to the atmosphere and converting it into useful power using ORC systems.

Cement manufacturing is an energy intensive process.In a cement kiln, 22.5% energy input is lost to the atmosphere through flue gases.

Sponge iron kilns are energy intensive. Atleast 30% of the energy input to the kiln is lost to the atmosphere through flue gas.


- What are the industries you can work?

Any industry which is heat intensive Steel Industries, Glass Industries, Cement Industries etc contact us describing your factory’s process to know if we can recover energy from available heat.

- What are the sources of heat?

There are many sources of available heat in different industries varying from exhaust stacks to melting furnaces . Contact us for information regarding your existing heat source to find out if it can be utilized.

- What is the smallest size of ORC system you can supply?


- What is an ORC system?

The Rankine thermodynamic cycle is a concept where by a set of processes involving a working fluid in a closed loop is such that thermal power is converted into mechanical power, and thereafter possibly into electricity. Traditionally, the working fluid is water (thus steam, when vaporized).  In the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), the working fluid is an organic substance. Organic means that the molecules of the fluid contain a carbon atom. The implementation of the ORC concept is an engine or power plant.

- Can we use Hot water to generate power?

Yes , the amount of power generated depends on the temperature and flow rate of the hot water. Contact us to find out how much power can be generated from your existing hot water source.

- What are advantages of ORC system over Steam Rankine cycle .

Closed loop system with no water consumption is one of the top advantages among others , contact us to know why orc system is preferred over steam rankine cycle.

- Can you also supply heat recovery module along with ORC system?


- Do you offer ORC system on Turn-key basis and also on EPC basis?


- Can you study our plant data and provide potential for the waste heat recovery power projects?